Worship Arts Ministry

Worship Arts Ministry


The Band

Here at CrossPointe our congregation is comprised of a mixture of different people from all different kinds of backgrounds. Therefore, it is our desire to be a church that creates an atmosphere of worship for as many people as possible. While we strive to learn new things, we also respect and honor the traditions of the past, which is how we view our approach to worship music. We have developed an eclectic grouping of people to come together and form our worship band for Sunday morning services and other events with the goal of continually adapting to new songs and styles while also reaching back into the vast well music and hymns that have drawn people closer to God for many generations. We will do our best to mix it up because we believe that God is wanting to meet with His people in more ways than we can even begin to comprehend, so always come with an open heart to worship God no matter the song and no matter the style because He is always faithful and available to us.

"Thirsty hearts are those whose longings have been awakened by the touch of God within them." (A.W. Tozer)

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Tech Team

Being a regional church with multiple campuses has it's challenges in that all of our buildings feel different regarding space, light and sound. That's why we've put together a team who cares about your experience at church and who believes that there should be as few distractions during a church service or event as possible so that you can have an unaltered opportunity to meet with God in the midst of any moment.  Our tech team works with the sound boards and audio equipment at each campus, making sure everything works properly for worship music, videos and microphones that are used to deliver God's Word each week. They are also trained in operating our projectors, screens and cameras in order to give you the best visual experience possible. While we realize that nothing goes perfect 100% of the time, we still strive for a level of excellence in all that we do because we serve an excellent God and we care about stepping into every moment with our best foot forward!


"Real worship defies definition, it can only be experienced." (Morris Smith)



Encountering the Lord at church is not just limited to music and a message. Often times at CrossPointe we find that God can speak mightily to a person's heart through a drama production. Whether that production is a special event marketed to the tens of thousands of people in our region or a short skit to be used for a Sunday Service or special event, we are always open to new opportunities for God to use drama in relaying His heart for His people in any season or situation.


We all worship what we value. .. In fact, the old English word for worship is "worth-ship." We give time, attention and respect to that which is "worthwhile" to us. We worship God by giving Him value and priority in our daily lives because He's that important to us. That value guides everything we do, from spending time with our families, to doing our work conscientiously, to singing in church.


Worship is paying attention to God. It's spending time with Him by reading the Scriptures and talking to Him. It's listening when He's speaking. It's taking the time and paying the price to understand His desires. It's responding to Him as He directs and gives purpose and vision.


We honor those we respect by acknowledging their greatness or by showing appreciation for their accomplishments. Thoughtful consideration, attending to desires, and being careful to act appropriately are all signs of respect and honor in someone's presence - and God deserves no less than that!