The Journey


The Journey is an intensive Discipleship Program that will produce God-sized transformation in your life.  Whether you are a new believer or a seasoned follower of Jesus Christ, these courses will open the door for God to do amazing things in and through your life.  The Journey is broken up into TWO different phases, each of which can be started either in the spring semester or the fall semester. 

During each of these phases of The Journey, you will have the opportunity to grow through powerful messages, heart-filled small group discussions, and an Encounter Retreat where it is extremely difficult to miss out on the presence of God moving.

The location for each of the courses listed below will be dependent upon the number of people signed up at each of our church campuses. Please do not delay in signing up so your location may be determined as soon as possible.

  • Journey ONE (Freedom) // FREE - This 10 week class with Encounter Retreat is designed to firmly ground you in your journey of faith by helping you discover the impact of the cross of Jesus Christ on your life and how you can experience the power of the cross to set you free.

  • Journey TWO (Purpose & Destiny) // $35 -  This 10 week class is designed to help you discover your purpose, mission and calling while addressing the issues that can keep you from fulfilling your purpose, and ends with a commissioning and graduation retreat.

Whitewater - 445 N. Warner Rd.
Milton - 609 Campus St.
Jefferson - 250 S Wisconsin Dr.
Homes as Life Groups

Sundays 6-8pm or Weekdays 7-9pm

Winter 2019 Classes

Journey ONE - Starts the week of February 3rd (locations TBD)
Journey TWO - Sundays, Starting February 10th @ 6pm at each CrossPointe location
Journey ONE Encounter Retreat - March 1st & 2nd at the Whitewater Campus