The 3 Most Important Things to do to Get Rid of Spiritual Weeds

You know the one thing I can stand, and I wish I could burn to the ground?! Weeds!

Two years ago my family and I moved into our first house. I was super excited about the yard space, but my excitement was quickly doused with a cold reality. Beautiful yards have an enemy...weeds!!

The interesting thing about weeds is that they can grow just about anywhere, even without much sunlight. Watch out now! If we don’t get rid of them fast, they’ll just make themselves right at home, and take away the nutrients that our grass and plants need to stay healthy.

If we leave weeds unattended, they will kill our lawn, literally!

When I think about what weeds can do to our yards, I also think about what spiritual weeds can do to our spiritual lawns.

You see, spiritual weeds are things like unforgiveness, doubt, addition, and even pride (like the” I’m better than some people but I’d never say out loud” kind of pride).

These kinds of weeds have a habit of growing in our yards or better put, in our spiritual lives. And when we don’t get rid of them right away they begin to suck the life out of us, spiritually.

When we let our spiritual lawns become overrun by these kinds of weeds, we become known by the weeds we deal with, like the weeds of doubt, the weeds of pride, or whichever one you may be dealing with.

The bad news is that we all have some kind of spiritual weeds in our lives, but the great news is that we can get rid of them! Let’s take a look at 3 ways how we can do this!

  1. Identify it

The first thing is we have to identify the spiritual weeds in our lives, those that are sucking the life out of us, and pulling us away from God. Psalm 139: 23 says “Look deep into my heart, God, and find out everything, I am thinking.” This is saying that when we allow the light of God to shine on our lives, were able to see what those spiritual weeds are. He’s not going to condemn us or judge or, but He wants to help us get rid of them so that we can live life to the fullest.

       2. Confront it

After we identify what these spiritual weeds are, we have to confront them. We have to put our finger on them and say “it's time for you to go!”.

        3. Remove it

The last thing to do is to remove it! James 5:16 says “Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.” This means that when we repent, which means to turn away, we are confessing our sins to God. Showing him our spiritual weeds, and allowing him to dig them out and get rid of them is what it means to repent

These three steps aren't an easy process, but they are so worth the journey.

P.s. What spiritual weeds are in your life? Are you able to identify them? Are you ready to talk to someone by it yet?

I encourage you to take some time today to think about what spiritual weeds are in your life, and how you can get take the next step forward spiritual freedom.

~Donte Allen


Donte Allen is a Husband, Father, and Content creator, on a journey to become a full-time writer. He aspires to encourage and engage Christian families with practical wisdom.