What to do When You Feel Spiritually Sluggish

Personally, there have been times where I’ve felt spiritually dry and if I’m honest,

I felt pretty useless.

At the same time, I see my friends growing spiritually and experiencing amazing blessings, which makes me question if what I’m doing for God is actually making a difference.

If you’ve ever felt this or are feeling this right now, let me encourage you with this, God loves you and you are still His child.

Now, let me share with you 5 things that we can do to shake off that spiritually sluggish feeling and put our purpose in perspective.

  1. Don’t COMPARE yourself to others

This seems like such a simple truth, but so often when we feel like we’re in a rut or feeling sluggish, we start to compare ourselves to our friends and family. We have to STOP IT! Like, right now!

We can stop comparing ourselves to where others are because the bottom line is, we are not them, and they’re not us, and that’s exactly what God wants. So stop looking at those INSTAGRAM pictures and FACEBOOK posts and thinking, “Man, they’re blessed and I’m so… ‘meh.”

       2. CONSIDER your season of  life

Let's think about everything that’s going on in our lives right now. Maybe you’re a spouse or parent, maybe you’re in school or just in a consistent workflow. Either way, consider the “season of life” you’re in right now; you might realize that you really are doing something significant like sharing God’s love with your kids or co-workers.

       3. Look at God’s CONSISTENCY

Now, take some time and think about how God has been consistent in your life. He has never let you stay in a sluggish place too long or tell you “Hey, I need a break from you”. God consistently desires to be close to us. Hebrews 13:5 tells us that “God will never leave us or let us be alone” (NLV). So know and believe that God wants to consistently be in your life.

       4. CONNECT with God

Take 5 minutes today, and choose to connect with God. Read a devotional, or pray while you’re in your car. God loves to connect with us, but when we feel sluggish we think that a small amount of time with God isn’t worth His time. Remember, you may be in a season of life where you aren’t able to spend an hour to two doing a devotional and that’s okay, but the point is to connect.

“Come close to God, and He will come close to you” ~James 4:8 (NIV)

       5. Continue showing God’s love

After thinking through all of these things, we must make a choice to keep going. We have to remain consistent and content with God and with ourselves, knowing that as we continue to do the 4 things above, we will start to get out of this sluggish feeling, and really start living!

~Donte Allen


Donte Allen is a Husband, Father, and Content creator, on a journey to become a full-time writer. He aspires to encourage and engage Christian families with practical wisdom.