Easter is Over, Now What?!

So, Easter is over. Just like Christmas. It came, we prepared, we executed, and now it’s Monday. (or whatever day you read this)

Now what do we do?

Sometimes Easter comes and goes, and we invite those near us to our churches, and that’s it. Or, we go to church and we have an amazing time with God, we leave, then what?

I think that a good next step would be that today (Yes, Today!), we would show the love of Christ to someone we invited to church. Perform an act of kindness like buying them a coffee, or text them an encouraging word.

Show them love.

When it comes to Easter, sometimes we solely focus on what Christ did on the cross, but there is so much power when we consider what He did 3 days later. He rose from the dead! Jesus rose from the dead so that we could experience the love of God.

It’s in Christ’s rising from the dead that we are able to experience God’s love. When we experience God’s love, we are then charged to share His love with others.

In John 15:12 Jesus tells His disciples “This is my commandment: Love each other in the same way I have loved you.”. Before going to the cross and raising from the dead, Jesus’ words to us are “Love each other the same way that I’ve loved you”.

Easter is an amazing time for us to share God’s love with people at church, but my encouragement is that we show that same love on Monday. And Tuesday, and so on…

Lately, I’ve been challenged to love the people that are right in front of me, and it’s hard! That means loving them while at work. Love them while we’re in class, or at their home.

What I’m realizing is when I love the people in front of me the way Jesus loves me, I am showing them God’s love. The greatest demonstration of love we can show those near us is to love them the way that Jesus loves us.

Christ demonstrated His love for us through action so that we could experience God.

Now, let’s demonstrate our love for those near us through our actions so that they can experience God’s love.

~Donte Allen


Donte Allen is a Husband, Father, and Content creator, on a journey to become a full-time writer. He aspires to encourage and engage Christian families with practical wisdom.