Tell Your Friends That They're Wrong

I almost got kicked out of college because I was doing too good!

Well, I was a member of too many organizations, and even though the work I was doing was good, my school work suffered greatly. I remember when I received my midterm grades, I had 2 passing grades out of the 5 classes I had, and even those two were barely enough to pass.

It was around that time my good friend Michael, I called him Mike D, found out what my grades were. He looked me in the eyes, and all he said was, “Man, you’re trippin’.”

That's when I turned things around.

I’m thankful for that moment because if it weren’t for my friend, I probably would've been kicked out of college at the end of that semester.

Other than being my best friend, the thing that made our relationship so special was that I gave him permission to correct me when I was wrong, or as I like to say, he could “check” me when I was out of line.

Sometimes we have moments in our lives where we claim to live up to a certain standard, but for whatever reason we aren’t.

That’s why I believe it’s important that we have a few close people in our lives that we trust, that will tell us the truth, and correct us in love when we’re wrong. Not to shame us, but to help us.

When we give them permission into our lives, we are saying “I trust that you are looking out for me, and you want the best for me.”.

In Exodus 18, Moses meets up with his Father-in-Law, Jethro. After seeing Moses doing too much and getting unhealthy, Jethro tells Moses “What you are doing is not good. You and these people who come to you will only wear yourselves out.”

You see, a good friend will love you, tell you when you’re missing the mark, and gently help you get back on course.

We need these kinds of people in our lives. These are the ones that will stick to us closer than a brother or sister, and through their love and friendship, they can help us be the best that we can.

Question of the Week

Do you have someone in your life that you trust like this? Have you told them that they have permission to correct you when you miss the mark?

Grace & Peace

~Donte Allen



Donte Allen is a Husband, Father, and Content creator, on a journey to become a full-time writer. He aspires to encourage and engage Christian families with practical wisdom.